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WPF Tutorials and How to Examples

Hi, this page contains the WPF Tutorials and How to examples Concept wise, i will update the WPF tutorials whenever updated.If you are new to WPF you can go through them in sequential order so that you can learn wpf from basics.

WPF Tutorials- Windows Presentation Foundation

 WPF Basics:

XAML Basics:

Data Binding in WPF:

MVVM Model(Model -View-View-Model):

Layout Controls in WPF:

  • Overview of WPF Layout Controls.
  • Grid Layout Control in WPF. 
  • Canvas Layout Control in WPF.
  • StackPanel Layout Control in WPF.
  • DockPanel Layout Control in WPF.
  • WrapPanel Layout Control in WPF.

WPF DataBindings:

  • Different Types of DataBinding Mode in WPF.
  • AttachedProperty in WPF.
  • Dependency Property in WPF.
  •  INotifyPropertyChanged Interface in WPF.
  • ValueConverters in WPF.
  • DataContext Property in WPF.
  • UpdateSourceTrigger in WPF.

Controls in WPF:

  • ListView Control in WPF and Usage.
  • DataGrid Control in WPF and Usage.
  • MediaElement Control in WPF and Usage.

Brushes in WPF:

  • SolidColorBrush in WPF and Usage.
  • LinearGradientBrush in WPF and Usage.
  • RadialGradientBrush in WPF and Usage.
  • ImageBrush in WPF and Usage. 

Transformations in WPF:

  • Rotate Transformation in WPF
  • Skew Transformation in WPF
  • Scale Transformation in WPF.
  • Translate Transform.

2D Drawings and Shapes in WPF:

How to Examples

Routed Events in WPF:

 Triggers in WPF:

  • Event Triggers in WPF
  • Property Triggers in WPF
  • Data Triggers in WPF

Styles and Resources in WPF:

Animations in WPF:

WPF Interoperability:

WPF UserControl:

Speech Synthesis in WPF:

Keep visiting this page i will update it everyday with new posts. Thank You.


  1. Hi,
    Your videos are very easy to understand.Can you please post some examples of Databinding concepts with json objects for expander control in wpf.

  2. Hi,
    Your videos are very helpful.Can you please provide some examples of binding json list of objects to expander control using databinding concepts.

  3. hi
    sir you are rock and your video is very helpful please can you provide some wpf mvvm mef or unity videos


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