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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

WPF Tutorial: Markup Extensions - XAML based and WPF based Markup Extensions, How to use Markup extensions for binding elements in WPF

Markup Extensions in WPF:


In my previous articles i explained many articles on Asp.Net ,Oops Concepts and WPF.
   Now we will see one successive WPF Tutorials i.e Markup Extensions in WPF.


Markup Extensions:

Markup Extensions are used to assign complex values to properties in XAML which are not possible using markup language. These markup extensions are enclosed in braces{} and keyword immeadiatly followed by  the left brace, indicates which markup extensions you are using. For the markup extension you can set one or more properties.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

WPF Tutorial: What is XAML?, XAML and Codebehind, Attribute and Property Element Syntax, XAML File Compilation Process

Introduction to XAML, Attribute and Property Element Syntax, XAML File Compilation Process


In my previous articles i explained various articles on WPF, Asp.Net and Oops Concepts.

        Now we will see importance of XAML in WPF, XAML vs Codebehind, Benefits of Attribute and Property Element Syntax and how the xaml file compiles. You can find other WPF Tutorials here.

Friday, 26 July 2013

WPF Animation: Moving a line from top to bottom using wpf doubleanimation

Moving a line using WPF DoubleAnimation:


In my previous articles i had explained various articles on WPF , Asp.Net and Oops Concepts. Now we will see a simple example on how to move a line from top to bottom using WPF DoubleAnimation.

         If you are new to WPF animation, If you want to move an element in wpf applications then this example will help you.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Boxing and UnBoxing in .Net Interview Question


 One of the must and should question in interviews is What is Boxing and UnBoxing.
                   UnIntentionally while coding we will use this process many times. Let us explore this simple process.

What is Boxing:

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Dialog Controls in Windows Forms, How to use ColorDialog,FolderBrowserDialog,FontDialog,OpenFileDialog,SaveFileDialog example.

Dialog Controls in Windows Forms Application:


In my previous articles  i explained various concepts on Asp.Net,WPF and Oops Concepts like Asp.Net Validation Controls Tutorial, Asp.Net Ajax Tutorial, WPF Features, WPF Architecture etc.

        Now we will see what are the different types of DialogControls available in Windows Forms and How to work with these Dialog Controls in Our Applications with an example.


 Dialog Controls in Window Forms help us to do some work quickly and easily and also provides us many options. In Visual Studio toolbox there is separate Tab available for these Dialog Controls in Windows Forms.

WPF vs Windows Forms what is the difference between windows forms and wpf in properties, methods,events of the control

WPF Vs Windows Forms


In my previous articles i explained what is wpf and wpf features, Architecture of WPF and Basic shapes and drawings in WPF and Various articles on Asp.Net and OopsConcepts.

         Now i will explain differences between WPF and Windows Forms in-terms of their properties, events and methods.


WPF vs Windows Forms:


Friday, 12 July 2013

What is WPF(Windows Presentation Foundation) Introduction to WPF, WPF features ,WPF Advantages

WPF - Windows Presentation Foundation


      Now we will see Basic things about WPF like what is WPF in .Net, what are the WPF features or Advantages over Windows Forms.


What is WPF?

WPF - Windows Presentation Foundation which is part of .Net Framework 3.0 or Higher. It is the next generation presentation system for building Windows Client Applications.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Interfaces in c# why we use interfaces and how interfaces are different from abstract classes

Interfaces in C# and when to use Interfaces


In my previous articles i explained various Object Oriented Programming concepts like Static Classes in c#,Abstract Classes in c#,Sealed Classes in c# and Usage, Partial classes in c# and Usage and What are the access specifiers in C# and Various articles on WPF and ASP.NET.

           Now we will see the common interview question that could arise for all people not only freshers or experienced candidates is what is an interface,when to use interface or why we use interface and why can't we use an Abstract Class.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

how to find particular type or all children controls in a container control or in a WPF Window from code behind file

Finding Children Controls on a container contorl from code behind file:


In my previous articles i explained various Oops Concepts like partial classes,sealed classes,abstract classes and static classes and also in WPF and Asp.Net.

               Now we will see how to identify particular type of children controls on a container control either it is in WPF or Windows Forms or Asp.Net.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Partial Class in C# with example, What is the use of partial class (Oops Programming)

Usage of Partial Class in Object Oriented Programming


In my previous articles we saw the oops programming concepts like Access Modifiers in C#,what is the use of Abstract Classes,Why we need sealed classes,Static Classes and Static Class Members in C# and various articles on WPF and Asp.Net.

           Now in this tutorial we will see what is partial class in C#, why use of partial class,difference between partial class and class in C#.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Sealed Class in C#.Net with Example, what is the use of Sealed Class( Object Oriented Programming)

Sealed class in C#.Net


            Now we will see Sealed Class in C#.Net,why we use Sealed classes, How to consume Sealed class members etc.


 A class which is declared using sealed modifier is called as sealed class.A sealed class can not be inherited from any other class but we can consume that class by creating object of the class.

Static Classes and Static Class members in C#.Net with Examples(Oops Programming)

Static Class and Static Class Members


In my previous articles we saw Oops Programming Concepts like What are Access Modifiers in C#.Net,Abstract Methods and Abstract classes in C#.Net and Various artilces on WPF and Asp.Net.
      Now we will see what is static class in C#.Net, How to access static class members,Is static class can be inherited?, can we create object of the static class using new keyword?,How static classes are identical to sealed classes and How Static classes are different to Abstract classes etc.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Abstract Classes and Abstract Methods in C#.Net Explanation with Example(Oops Programming)

Abstract Methods and Abstract Classes in C#.Net Oops Programming


In my previous articles i explained Different types of Access Specifiers or Access Modifiers in C#.Net Oops Programming and Various Articles on WPF and Asp.Net.
         Now i will explain difference between Abstract Methods and Abstract Classes in C#.Net,What is the need of Abstract Classes, In what way Abstract Methods help us in our programming, what are the similarities and dissimilarities between method overriding and abstract methods.