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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Asp.Net Ajax Server Controls: Ajax Control Toolkit

Ajax Server Controls:


In my previous articles i explained WPF architecture,working or Consuming Three tier architecture in C#.Net Windows Application and Various Examples Regarding Asp.Net. Now i will explain what are the ajax server controls, How to Access them and about Ajax Control Toolkit.


For Providing rich client behaviour Ajax server controls contains client and server code.
Mostly used server controls are
  • ScriptManager
  • UpdatePanel
  • UpdateProgress
  • Timer

ScriptManager Control:

This manages client script for Microsoft Asp.Net Ajax Pages. To Provide Ajax features for any page you must add this control to page. By default this controls registers the script for Microsoft Ajax Library. Based on the type of Control Placed in the page, that require scripts only added to page.This ScriptManager control is visible only in design time will not visible while running.
    When a page contains multiple UpdatePanels, ScriptManager Manages the Partial Page Rendering on the pages. EnablePartialRendering Property of the page determines whether to participate in partial page rendering or not. By default this property is true.

handling errors during partial page rendering:

  • Set the custom AllowCustomErrorRedirect property, which indicates how the custom error section in web.config file used when an error occured during asynchronous postback.
  • When an error occured during postback, then ScriptManagers AsyncPostBackError event, will raise so handle that event to catch errors.
  • Set the AsyncPostBackErrorMessage property, which is sent to the browser when error occured.  

UpdatePanel Control:

This control is the key to perform partial page rendering on the page. All the controls which are placed inside the UpdatePanel Control will perform partial page rendering.When updatepanel performs asynchronous postback it adds a custom HTTP Header. There is no limit on the usage of UpdatePanels on the page and nested levels also. Each UpdatePanel is updated individually without affecting one another.
        Using AsyncTrigger Property you can handle Multiple UpdatePanels partial page rendering.

UpdateProgress Control:

This control is used to display the status of download occuring on the page. You can use multiple updateprogress controls on the page. One UpdateProgress Control can associate with mutliple UpdatePanels.

Timer Control:

To perform postbacks at dynamic intervals you can use Timer Control. It can be used to trigger automatic updates for the selected page which is inside an updatepanel control.

what is Asp.Net Ajax Control Toolkit:

The Asp.Net Ajax Control Toolkit is a open source project which is a joint effort between Miscrosoft and Asp.Net Ajax community. Their intention is to provide powerful infrastructure to write reusable,customizable and extensible ASP.NET AJAX Extenders and Controls.These controls provides rich interactive user interface.
               This Ajax Control Toolkit contains more than 30 controls that enable you to easily create rich,interactive web pages.

Download and Install ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit:

 You can download and Install Ajax Control Toolkit from ajax control toolkit project from codeplex.


I hope you got an idea about ajax server control and Ajax Control Toolkit. In my next articles i will explain how to use updatepanel, updateProgress and Timer controls individually with example. Your suggestions,other requirements are always welcome.

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