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Sunday, 3 March 2013

How to add web translator to the website (Multilingual Website)

Add Language Translation to your website


In this article i will explain the process of automatically translate the webpage to multiple languages. In this article you will get an idea on things like "What are the ways to for site visitors to see your webpages in their own language , without having to go to separate translation site.
How to make visitors love your website even though they don’t understand website language by adding language translation to your website.How to make a website as Multilingual."


   Making a website as Multilingual Enables visitors to read your content in their own language.
I suggest you first to be aware of the following things.

 What is language translation for website and blogger?

  It is process the process of transforming our website content language into users browsers default language. Either this process is automatic based on visitors location or we externally giving opportunity for visitors by external plugin where user chooses his language.

Why is this required for our websites?

If you are developing a website or blog and if your site is targeted multiple countries or communities of people then this web translation is required. Because of their native language is not same as our language.

What are different ways to add website translation your site?

There are lot of free language translation tools available on internet which convert our content into multiple languages on visitor choice. Most popular free web-based language translation tools are offered by Google, AltaVista babelfish and WorldLingo
Using this tools web audience who speak different languages like English,French,Spanish,German,Dutch,Chinese,Portuguese,Greek,Korean,Russian and Japanese will be able to translate websites into their native language.

How much important it is?

If you are targeting different communities in the world then this web translation is very important. How much it is important means over 65% of web users speaking a language other than English providing this web translation feature to your site is very very essential i thought.

How this web Translation feature increase your traffic or helps in terms of Search Engine Optimization?

If you provide this feature on your website  if any visitor came from other country if he don’t understand English. Then using this feature he can translate into his native language. If suppose he likes your content ultimately he travels through other related posts on your site or blog he may bookmark your site.
Bookmarking a site means ultimately your site is very much important for him. Even search engines can not do this much help in terms of Seo i thought.

Now look into different approaches to integrate web translation feature to your website:

Approach One:

This approach is like a conversion tools where these services provide a translation box. Means to translate a webpage, you should enter website Url in box, choose the source and target language and then click translate button. Some tools are Word Lingo, Google Translate, Babel FishTranslate etc.

Approach Two:

In this approach you will place third party code in your website (web service type) then automatically you will get this service on your site. This is like plugin. You will get country icons in this plugins like this.
Different Third Party services are

 1.       Alta Vista Babel Fish:

This service is available in English, German, Italian,Spanish,French and Portuguese. To integrate this service in your site add following java script code to your website

<br/><script languge=”javascript” src=>

2.       Google Translate:

This service is available in English, Spanish,Italian,Portuguese,German,Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Remember to replace the value of variable “URL of your site” with your site URL. This translated pages can be bookmarked.

3.       World Ling Web URL Translator:

I will suggest you to use this service because Google indexes the URLs Translated by World Ling. This service available in English,Spanish,German,Italian, Portuguese,Dutch,Chinese,Greek,Korean and Japanese. The translated pages can be bookmarked.

The above translation code is customized for blogger template.

The <$BlogItemPermalinkUrl$> tag should be wrapped inside the <Blogger> tags.


 I hope you understand how important is a web translator and how to integrate it to our sites.There are lot of techniques and tools available on net regarding web translation you better to know that. In my next article i will explain how to integrate yahoo web translator. I would like to have feedback from my blog readers. Your valuable feedback,Suggestions,Questions, Comments about this article are always welcome.

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