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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

WPF Architecture Overview(Windows Presentation Foundation)


In this article i will give you an overview regarding architecture of WPF(Windows Presentation Foundation). In this article you will get to know Managed layers and UnManaged layers of WPF base framework . And you will know Object Hierarchy of WPF Controls.


      We all know as WPF was introduced in .Net 3.0 Framework. WPF was designed to create dynamic, data driven systems. Every part of the system is designed to create objects through property sets which drives behaviour. Data Binding is the fundamental part of the system which is integrated with every layer.

      Generally applications create display and then bind to some data. But in WPF Everything about the control, every aspect of the system is generated by some sort of binding. Generally text inside a button is displayed by creating a composed control inside a button and binding it's display to button's content property. In the same manner only for all controls. If you deeply investigate the architecture of WPF you will know that WPF Applications are data driven.

WPF Architecture:

Sunday, 3 March 2013

How to add web translator to the website (Multilingual Website)

Add Language Translation to your website


In this article i will explain the process of automatically translate the webpage to multiple languages. In this article you will get an idea on things like "What are the ways to for site visitors to see your webpages in their own language , without having to go to separate translation site.
How to make visitors love your website even though they don’t understand website language by adding language translation to your website.How to make a website as Multilingual."


   Making a website as Multilingual Enables visitors to read your content in their own language.
I suggest you first to be aware of the following things.

 What is language translation for website and blogger?