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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Creation of Three Tier Architecture in .Net

How to Create Three Tier Architecture in C# .Net Windows Application 


In the Previous article i explained How to Write and Access ConnectionStrings from App.Config settings file, An overview of WPF Architecture.Now i will explain how to create three tier architecture for .Net Application.

Watch Video Explaining How to create a solution in 3 tier achitecture


3 Tier/Layered Architecture involves three layers. Commonly used names for layers are as follows

--> Presentation Layer
--> Busienss Access Layer (Business Logic Layer)
--> Data Access Layer.

Presentation layer:

     This is the presentation or User Interface layer to which user will interact. If it is Windows Application then the we have to take the project type either Windows Application, WPF Application Or Console Application.

Business Logic Layer:

How to Get and Write Key Values To and From App.Config File in C#

How to Get and Write Key Values in App.Config Settings file in C#


In this article i would love explain how to write key values in settings file called App.Config in C#. And also How to access the Key Values in App.Config file.


Writing key values in App.Config file

App.Config file is settings file that we will use in windows application in C#. Here we can store settings required globally for our application. Not only settings we can also write Resources, styles and global information regarding client profile info. We can write all these information in format of keys and values.

  We can write these keys in App.Config file inside appsettings tag like this

    <add key="OConStr" value="User Id=Scott;Password=tiger;Data Source=Server"/>
    <add key="SConStr" value="User Id=Sa;Password=123;DataBase=CS9DB;Data Source=Server"/>
    <add key="Cname" value="Sekhar Seo Servicess"/>
    <add key="Address" value="Sr nagar, Hyderabad - 38"/>
    <add key="Phone" value="23746666, 23745555"/>
    <add key="Email" value=""/>
    <add key="Website'" value="" />

Monday, 25 February 2013

How to write Custom Permalink in Blogger posting

How to write Custom Permalink in Blogger


In this article i will explain how to write custom permalink in blogger.


While writing custom permalink we have to think a while to select keyword to include in post link. And one more thing is spaces is not allowed in custom permalink.
it will show error like this.
Instead of spaces we have to use '-'. Correctly entered permalink is shown here

what is difference between web.config and app.config files in .Net Applications

Difference between Web.Config and App.Config


In this article i will explain what are the differences between web.config and app.config files. What information can we able to store in this configuration files.


These configuration files xml files that can be changed as need by developer. We can say these files are settings files or global files for our applications. Generally these files contains application settings which needs to be available for all of forms in our application. We could store some globally required information here. If we want to use or interact with these files we have to import namespace called System.Configuration(Windows) and System.Web.Configuration(web). Different types of configuration files available in .Net. You can find it in MSDN.  


which tag is better Div or Table in html

what is better to use "Div" or "Table"?


    In this article i will explain which one is better either Div or Table tag while designing a webpage.


        While Designing Webpage many people think a while to decide which one is better in terms of Loading, Flexibilty, Accessibility,Wide availabilty of browsers, Seo, Printing, Coding etc.

In terms of Loading:

  Using div's loading is faster even in mobile divices also. It will take time to load if our site contains many tables.

In terms of Accessibilty:

In terms of accessibility many people suggested to use div only using we can control decorating pages using. If we want to change any design change we can change in css only. Using table also it is possible but it is easier wit div's.

In terms of Flexibilty:

Saturday, 23 February 2013

How to set Different background for WPF Groupbox header

Title: Giving different background for groupbox header


By default wpf groupbox has header property in which we will mention header text but we can not have property to change the background of header text. so for custom header text background use following

By Default When we drag groupbox control  we will see code like this. In this there is no property to set different background for header.

            <GroupBox Canvas.Left="49" Canvas.Top="61" Header="groupBox1" Height="100" Name="groupBox1" Width="200">
                <Grid />